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Posted by Second Chance to Live on October 28, 2014

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live. I am happy to have you around my table. Through out my life time I have experienced my share of adversity. In my experience, I discovered that adversity was impacting my life and well being. With this awareness, I discovered that I needed to examine how my mind, body, spirit and emotions were responding / reacting to adversity. By examining how adversity impacted my mind, body, spirit and emotions I was able to develop strategies to face and overcome adversity in my mind, body, spirit and emotions.

By understanding my mind, body, spirit and emotions, I have been given the gift and the ability to face and overcome adversity in my life.

On February 6, 2007, at the encouragement of a friend I created Second Chance to Live to share what helped me to achieve far beyond all reasonable expectations, according to a neuropsychologist. After creating Second Chance to Live I began writing articles. With the help of another friend, I created a Site Map of my Articles to archive my articles. At the end of July 2011, at the encouragement of another friend, I began creating video presentations of my articles to share the information with individuals who learn more effectively through listening and watching. Soon thereafter, I created a Site Map for my Video Presentations to archive my video presentations.

Several months ago I created an archive of categories for my articles and video presentations. I created these categories to share the information on specific topics that have helped me to face and overcome adversity. Below is a list of links to the article and video presentation categories represented on my archive of categories. By clicking on the desired article or video presentation category, another page will open for you. On that page, there will be a list of titles for either of  my articles or video presentations.

By clicking on the desired title in the category, the article or video presentation will open for you either on Second Chance to Live or on You Tube.

Article Categories

Video Presentation Categories

During the past 17 years I have used principles of neuroplasticity to create new neural pathways and brain reorganization. Several months ago I wrote an article to share the benefits gained and encourage using the principles of neuroplasticity. Here is a link to that article: Neuroplasticity, Small Successes and Learning / Relearning Skill Sets On August 22, 2014 I gave a demonstration to a group of interested parties on how neuroplasticity has empowered my ability to use both my dominant and non dominant sides of my body. What you will see in the demonstration has empowered me to accomplish skills beyond my training in different martial art disciplines.

To watch the demonstration of the 1 minute and 50 second presentation, please click on this link: Benefits of Neuroplasticity — My Journey and Development using Martial Art Styles

Below are several testimonies and endorsements

Viki Kind, MA Bioethicist and author of The Caregiver’s Path to Compassionate Decision Making: Making Choices for Those Who Can’t

“Craig’s message is universal. “You can find your way thru tragedy and build a new life.” It may not be the life you had before, but Craig’s message of hope, empowerment and love can help you discover your second chance to live – and live well. I am grateful for Craig’s beautiful writings. They inspire me and bring me comfort. As a speaker, Craig, speaks from the heart and is a living testament to his message. I am honored to know and learn from Craig Phillips.”

Niketa P. Sheth, MPA

Senior Vice President, Quality of Life

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

“I met Craig at the 2013 Southwest Conference on Disability, where he spoke as one of the keynote speakers for the conference. His remarkable words of inspiration moved hundreds of individuals in the room. Craig has an impressive ability to share his personal experience in a way that just about anyone can relate. His remarks brought strength and motivation to many in the audience. Craig has also invested much time and effort in creating many resources for individuals. I admire Craig’s dedication to inspire our community through his work with Second Chance to Live.”

Tracey Anne Miller, at The Miller Family Foundation (on the rise)

“Craig, I wish to thank you from my heart in reaching out to me well over a year ago! A “reach out” from a survivor to a family member in need and connecting me to some amazing people in our community that is growing rapidly in support! Your story has inspired me, your recovery has inspired me, your advocacy has inspired me, your compassion and love has inspired me, and your passion to help others has inspired me. I am truly grateful and honored to be connected with you and look forward to growth in this community world wide! My Blessings to you and yours!”

As you read my articles and watch my video presentations and questions come to mind, please send those questions to me. All questions are good questions.

You may send your questions or comments to me by clicking on this link: Contact Page
I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day.


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